What Are Wave Heading Curtains?

It could be a struggling process to choose the suitable curtains for your home because while searching, you will come to know many terms that you don’t know, like wave-headed curtains, voile or sheer curtains, net curtains along with pencil or pinch pleat headings but you need not to worry because in this blog by curtains accessories, we will let you know what are the wave headed curtains and why you should choose them?


Wave Heading Curtains

The wave heading curtains are becoming the top choice for many people because they give a beautiful visual appeal and contemporary look. There are present gliding cords in the track, which gives these curtains a wave effect. These are an alternative to old-style curtains, which have a pencil or pinch pleat. Headings. Furthermore, due to the presence of the cord, it is easy to open and stack them smoothly.

The main track used in these curtains is silent gliss. This track works better with large windows and can bear light and medium-weight curtains. It is known as the silent Gliss 3840, which can be operated by electricity or hands. The gliding cords in these tracks give a smooth finish to the curtains.

Why We Choose Wave Heading Curtains?

It is essential to choose the best quality and durable curtains for your home because it is a costly procedure, and damage will lead you to replace them. So, before purchasing, it is essential to understand the type of material from which it is made, its durability, and its versatility. Here is the guide on why you should choose the wave-headed curtains.

Stylish Look

The waveheaded style gives your space a modern and stylish look. It is considered as an alternative to the traditional curtains. If you want a sophisticated or minimalist look, you can choose plain curtains because of their sleek appearance; they will enhance the beauty of your space. You can select any interlining to increase its beauty and visual appeal.

Easy to Use

These are easy to use due to the presence of cords and tracks; they can be easily opened and stacked back. They can be opened by smoothly gliding and can be closed quickly, which will give a sleek and modern look to your living area.

Easy Fitting

If talking about the fitting, these can make your window look larger because you can hang them to the ceiling instead of the window frame, giving your windows a modern and sleek look. There are present spaces between these gliders. The spaces could be 80mm or 60mm. If you want an excellent wave effect, you can choose an 80mm size. Thus, its easy fitting makes it popular among people.


These seamless and smooth curtains can be easily fitted to any interior. You can use them in the bedroom, kitchen, and living room, making them versatile. They are present in various designs and colors, which can be best suited to your home furniture, ultimately enhancing the attraction of your space.

Provide Insulation

You can interline according to your choice, giving your space perfect insulation by limiting the cold air from entering and ultimately making your room warm and cozy. It allows light to enter by blocking the sun’s rays, thus protecting furniture and humans from harmful UV rays.

Provide Privacy

The wave-headed interlined curtains could be the best choice for your home because they provide security by limiting outsiders from seeing inside. Thus, it ensures privacy, and you can see the things happening outside, but people can not see inside the home.

Fabric Options for Wave Curtains

Before choosing the wave heading curtains, it is essential to consider the type of fabric for them. You have an option of printed, pattern, or plain fabric for your home; it all depends upon your personal choice. If you want a sophisticated yet stylish look, you can choose the primary material. It will give your space an attractive and welcoming look. For a modern look, it is recommended to select geometric patterns rather than floral prints; it will give your home a stylish and trendy look.

Talking about the interlinings, you can select thermal linings that will make your space warm and comfy by preventing heat loss and will let the light enter the room. You can choose voile or net fabric because they ensure privacy and protect the interior of your home from fading due to the sunlight. The blackout linings are also available to limit light entry into the room. These linings volumize the curtains and give them a heavy and attractive look.


Wave heading curtains are becoming increasingly popular among people because they are easy to use due to the presence of gliding cords and holders. They can be opened and closed quickly. You can choose them because they are versatile, easy fitting, and are present in various modern, classic, and sleek designs. To volumize and make them attractive you can choose these interlinings for them. There are available printed, plain, or patterned fabrics that you can select according to your preferences.

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