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What Does A Tape Do For Window Curtains?

Curtain or drapery tapes are installed on the backside of the curtain border to adjust its pleats and support its folds for a perfect finish. These tapes come in different sizes with fine built-in adhesives to add support to window curtains. We stock a range of curtain tapes for all curtain styles at reasonable rates in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Control On Folds

Without these tapes, curtain folds can displace and destroy the beauty of your interiors, they keep the huge fabric folds in their place.

Curtain Appearance

Our curtain tapes can be used to define the decorative pleated border of curtains.

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What Services Do We Offer For Drapery Tapes?

  • Tape Installation: Our experts offer tape installation services for your curtains, creating classy window decors.
  • Tape Customization: We present different tape sizes with pre-attached adhesives at affordable rates.
  • Instant Serving Manners: Our services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are super quick.
  • Online Consultations: Our experts are always available to offer expert suggestions for curtain styling.
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What Makes Tape Treatments Essential For Proper Curtain Finishing?

Tapes are designed to align curtain folds, create a decorative border appearance for curtain styling, and adjust fabric width following the curtain rod’s requirement.

Measurement Issues

These tapes help in adjusting your curtain width and fold placement.

Messy Appearance

Without tapes, curtain folds could be displaced easily, even with airflow.

Get Expert Drapery Tape Installation From Us At 20% OFF

Professional undertaking is necessary for tape installation and generating a presentable curtain appearance. Hire us for quick and reliable taping services so your window curtains give a fascinating look to your interiors with their properly managed border.

We offer instant tape installation services for eyelet and pleated curtains to make their folds aligned in a proper sequence; hire us now for quick services.

Why Choose Our Curtain Tape Treatments In Dubai?

Curtain Accessories offers every curtain styling treatment, ensuring 100% quality, modern tools availability, and instant services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. From Drapery tape customization to installation, we offer every service at affordable rates for your maximum convenience.

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With no experience, you will create a mess for your window curtains and, hence, the entire interior theme. Avoid installing these tapes by yourself to skip a messy curtain look, and hire us for affordable and quick treatments.

The major advantage of curtain taping is offering maximum support to the curtain folds to keep them aligned. Moreover, these tapes help add a pleated curtain border look and adjust its folds in a presentable manner.

Our experts offer quick services for clearing your queries regarding our drapery tape treatments. Send us a request for quick consultations.

Yes, for your convenience, we always keep our pricing structure flexible, along with seasonal discounts. We are currently offering a seasonal 20% off in Dubai and Abu Dhabi on curtain accessorizing.