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Best blackout curtains in Dubai 2023

Enhanced Convenience 

Add Comfort to Your Homes with Our Blackout Curtains in Dubai

We provide the finest-quality and most stylish blackout window curtains at budget-friendly rates. With these curtains, you can enjoy flawless room-darkening and maximum noise reduction for effective unwinding and improved sleep quality.


100% Privacy

Adding these curtains will keep all disturbances and intrusions away and you can rest, read or work most peacefully.


Effective Insulation

The thick and backed panels of these curtains help with temperature regulation and prevent internal heat or cold loss.

Our Luxury Blackout Curtain Designs 

Explore Our Versatile Blackout Curtain Collections in Dubai

We offer a number of options for room-darkening curtains in terms of fabrics, sizes, opacities and designs. As for fabrics, these curtains are generally made of thick, heavy-duty and opaque fabrics like silk, velvet, brocade, polyester, microfiber and blends of cotton and polyester.

You can have them in both printed versions or solid colors, depending on your decor and light blocking preferences. Call us anytime for free consultations.

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Beneficial Features Of Our Blackout Window Curtains

Here’s why you must consider adding these curtains to your places:

  • Blackout curtains Dubai is the most effective window treatment to deal with sleeping problems; they will help you fall asleep easily and rest for longer periods of time.
  • The noise reduction offered by these curtains proves to be helpful in increasing work efficiency, cinematic experience and also assists in easy unwinding.
  • These curtains are an excellent source to retain air conditioning and regulate room temperature right according to one’s liking.
  • As you can prevent heat loss from rooms, you’ll need lesser HVAC systems in the long run and can save a lot of money.
  • Maintaining these curtains is very convenient and you won’t be needing any professional services and/or expensive detergents.
  • Adding these curtains will also prevent the color fading of your furniture, floorings and other valuable items. Also, they block dust and dirt transfer, keeping interiors clean.
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Schedule Your Places For Blackout Curtain Installations By Us

We have the most talented team of curtain installers in our company. You can hire them to treat and/or fix any sort of window, skylight or sliding door.

On-Time Installation

We complete our installation procedure within the promised time.


Long-lasting Benefits

You can benefit from all the features of room-darkening curtains for longer periods of time with our services.

Call Us at +971554722980 for Free Measurements

We provide fast and flawless window measurement services for the ideal fitting of blackout Dubai curtains. This way, you will be saved from all the trouble of DIY measurements and misconducts.

Why Choose Our Blackout Curtains in Dubai?

Our blackout window curtains are the smartest choice of a window treatment. They will make your interiors cozy, disruption-free and energy-efficient as well. Here are some more services that we offer:

Fabric Samples 

Helpful Consultations 

Curtain Accessories

Curtain Hardware 

Area Measurements 

Curtain Repairs

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Ours is the best blackout curtain shop in Al Quoz Dubai. You can learn about the experience of our recent customers below.

Common Question

Frequently Asked

These curtains are designed with thick fabrics having a high thread count and they also feature a dense blackout backing which minimizes the transfer of light up to 95%. If you don’t want a complete blackout, you can also get room-darkening curtains from us which offer moderate light blockage.

You can get blackout window hangings in every desired size and thickness from us. For maximum room darkening and privacy protection, we suggest you get our measurement services so as to get perfectly suitable and high-coverage curtains.

Yes, these curtains are an excellent recommendation for commercial buildings because they can help with energy saving, noise reduction and security enhancement. Moreover, they can be used for partition purposes too and are a great way to regulate temperature and keep rooms comfortable.

Yes, you can get these curtains with motorized mechanisms for effortless handling and time-saving. The working of such curtains is very quick and noise-free and you can control them in multiple ways, such as through remote control, wall-mounted switches, apps or smart home integration.