Buy Stylish Curtain Tie Backs in Dubai From Us


We Offer Diverse Styles of Curtain Tie Backs

At the Curtain Accessories shop, you will get the most attractive and versatile styles of curtain tie-backs in Dubai. We provide these curtain holders in different materials and styles. The most selling tie-backs for every certain style are mentioned below:

Plain Edge Tie Back

Give your place an elegant look with our plain edge tie-backs. They come up with a simple and classic design.

Piped Edge Tie Back

Get our piped edge tie-back for your home curtains with stylish designs and finishes for stunning window decor.

Our Curtains Tie Backs Designs Collection

Add Style to Your Window Decor with Our Elegant Tie Backs

We provide curtain holders in different types to add beauty to any window. They can be placed with any curtain fabric like sheer, blackout, silk, velvet, or more. Choose contrasting finishes and designs to beautify your decor style.

If you need some advice, feel free to contact our consultants for free suggestions about the right curtain tie-backs in Dubai. You can pick them in different styles, including rope, magnetic, or fabric.

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Order Our Modern Curtains Tie Backs Online

Our company is well known for delivering the best tie-backs for window curtains in Dubai. You can talk with us by submitting this form and ordering your curtain holders online in Dubai.

Fast Delivery

Our tie-backs will be delivered at your home within 4 days.

Quality Assurance

We provide premium quality holders for every curtain style.

Give Support to Your Heavy Curtains with Our Tie Backs

Buying the right curtain tie-backs in Dubai for heavy curtains is very important. Our metal tie-backs come with different finishes and embroidery options to add durability and elegance to your window treatment. Visit our shop or get designs online and select the most suitable for your windows.

Why Choose Our Tie Backs in Dubai?

We have modern and durable curtain tie-backs in Dubai at a very pocket-friendly price. You can beautify your room interior and window decor by adding our beautiful curtain holdbacks.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Organized Appearance

Convenient Control

Customizable Decor

Easy to Install

Low Prices


Feedback From Our Customers

We provide top-quality curtain holders in Dubai. Please have a look at the reviews from our clients.

Common Question

Frequently Asked

We provide the tie-backs in different material options to offer the right type according to the specific curtains. If you have lightweight curtains, rope tie-backs might be the right choice. While you want them for heavy curtains, look for curtain holdbacks made of metal.

Look for curtains that do not have pointy surfaces. The smooth design of curtain holders will not damage your curtain fabric. On the other hand, pointy or thin-lined designs of curtain tie-backs can harm the thin curtain fabric while sliding them.

This is one of the best ways to add convenience and style to your window curtains at very low rates. They are very helpful for commercial places as you will not have to slide them repeatedly. At the same time, they look very stunning with the home interior decor.

You can call us to share your customization requirements to fit the tie-backs for your curtains. We provide stylish holdbacks in various designs for every size and length of curtains. Get the ideal curtain tie back in Dubai from our store.