Buy Our Top-Quality Aluminum Tracks in Dubai


We Offer 100% Corrosion Free Aluminum Curtain Tracks

At our Curtains Accessories shop, we provide premium quality tracks made of pure aluminum, making them fully corrosion free. You can buy our elegant and durable aluminum tracks in Dubai at fair rates. Enjoy the lasting performance of our drape track system.

Low Maintenance

You will not have to clean and protect our aluminum tracks from water or dust to keep them in good condition.

Aesthetic Appeal

Our curtain tracks made of aluminum will keep the aesthetic peak of your window treatment for a longer period.

Our Modern Aluminum Curtain Tracks Designs

Benefits of Using Our Aluminum Curtain Tracks

  • Long Lasting: Get our most durable curtain tracks for lasting serviceability.
  • Versatility: Our aluminum tracks can be used with any curtain and interior style.
  • Quiet Movement: They have noise-less operation, perfect for workspaces as well.
  • Sturdy construction: You can hang the heavy drapes on our aluminum tracks in Dubai.
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Hire Us for Perfect Curtain Tracks Fitting

It requires an expert installation team to experience the secure and efficient fixing of aluminum curtain tracks in Dubai. Hire our professionals in Al Quoz, Al Ain, Al Jadaq, Palm Jumeirah, or any other local town of Dubai.

Ceiling-Mounted Tracks

Our team has expertise in installing ceiling-mounted aluminum tracks.

Wall-Mounted Tracks

They can install wall-mounted tracks of aluminum for any curtain style.

Add Durability to Your Window Treatments with Our Aluminum Tracks

Most of the time, curtain tracks are used for plastic or other lightweight materials. Our durable aluminum curtain tracks will add incredible strength to your window treatment. You can easily hang heavy drapes on these tracks to enjoy smooth and quick sliding.

Why Choose Our Aluminum Curtain Tracks in Dubai?

We are the leading shop providing curtain tracks in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The most selling tracks in our store are made from aluminum because of their durability and elegant appearance.

Quality Finishing

Versatile Compatibility

Secure Packaging

Fast Delivery

Affordable Rates

Different Lengths


Feedback From Our Customers

Make sure to have a look at the lovely reviews from our recent customers.

Common Question

Frequently Asked

Aluminum is the most cost-effective material to use in the Dubai curtain tracks. This material gives the maximum strength and durability to drapes. In addition, you can bend them for bay window curtains or any uniquely shaped windows. Most importantly, they are naturally rust-resistant, which keeps them in use for many years.

Aluminum tracks are fully waterproof. You can attach your bathroom, kitchen, or balcony curtains to this trail system. It will not get damaged or fade with sunlight exposure or water. Give the best tracks to your curtains installed in humid environments.

The natural color of the aluminum tracks is grey, which is quite compatible with any curtain design. You can also get brown, golden, or dark green rails. These are the most commonly used colors; you can get more information about any shade of aluminum drapery track from our shop manager.

Our aluminum curtain tracks are very flexible and can be curved for any window treatment. Besides being able to be used with any window size, they can also be used to hang room divider curtains. Get our expert curtain track installation to ensure seamless fitting of your window treatment.