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We Provide Stylish Blinds To Enhance Your Outdoor Aesthetics

If you want to protect your outdoor places such as patios, balconies, and decks, Buy our heavy-duty outdoor blinds. We offer a broad range of traditional and modern blinds for your outdoor places. These dust and water-resistant blinds are suitable for every outdoor place

Visual Appeal

We offer unique styles, patterns, designs, and colors to enhance the visual appeal and aesthetics of your outdoor space.

Everlasting Durability

Our professionals utilize premium quality and durable materials to make these blinds long-lasting.

Our Latest Outdoor Blinds Projects in Dubai

Versatile Attributes Of Our Outdoor Blinds

  • Protection From Outer Elements

Our blinds are crafted with dust, water, and microbes-resistant materials, hence they protect your interiors from harsh weather and dust particles.

  • Prevention of Fading

These durable blinds also prevent interior accessories and furniture from fading by blocking UV rays and water.

  • Complete Privacy

Our high-quality blinds provide complete privacy during the day and night by reducing inside visibility with their thick materials.

Beautiful Outdoor Blinds
high quality outdoor-blinds
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Get Our Expert Services Of Outdoor Blind Installation 

Are you looking for professional services for blind installation in Dubai? We offer you a complete range of blind installation and repair services at pocket-friendly rates. To avail of our premium services, you can contact our team online.

Precise Techniques

Our expert team utilizes innovative techniques and tools to install and repair your outdoor blinds.

Free Measurements

We also offer free measurement services to our customers for perfect blind fitting.

We Provide Customized Outdoor Blinds In Dubai

For your outdoor places, we have a wide range of blinds. We can also customize these blinds according to your desired designs, pleatings, slats, patterns, sheets, sizes, and colors. We provide diverse materials for window blind crafting such as PVC, polyester, plastic, aluminum, canvas, and wood. You can also choose gear-tensioned or motorized options to make the blind movement smooth and easy. In addition, we offer diverse evergreen patterns such as floral, geometric, and plain ones. You can also choose multiple custom-made curtains accessories according to your style and needs.

Why Choose Us?

Curtains Accessories is a wondrous blind supplier in Dubai. We provide excellent customer care services. We use heavy-duty and customized materials for crafting these unique blinds.

Heavy-duty Construction

Unique Aesthetics

Free Measurements

Affordable Pricing

Flawless Servicing

Finest Customizations

best outdoor blinds in UAE

Feedback From Our Customers

We have served a range of home and business owners

Common Question

Frequently Asked

Yes, of course, we provide these blinds for commercial outdoor places such as hotels, restaurants, and offices outdoors. You can use these blinds to enhance privacy, protection, and indoor furniture prevention.

Our blinds require little maintenance due to their heavy-duty construction. However, for their maintenance and cleaning, you should do vacuuming or dusting regularly. To remove spills and stains, you can use any detergent with warm water.

Yes, of course, we offer maximum customization of these blinds for outdoor places. You can choose any material, pattern, color, size, and style according to your budget and preferences. For smooth and automatic operations, you can also have a motorized system.

Yes, we provide precise measurements and installation services on your demand. Our professional team visits your site and provides you with the best possible blind installations. For further services, you can contact our team.