Cat Proof Curtains – Best Tips What To Look For

Pets are the most selfless and trustable companions. They are not only the source of your happiness but also reduce stress and act as a great company. People develop a deep connection with these furry fellows, but do you know these pets are considered the most curious creatures? They want to explore every corner of your space, and this explorative instinct leads them to cause severe damage like scratches, stains, and scuff marks to your house interior, including curtains.

Window curtains add multiple functional benefits to an interior; therefore, keeping them protected from your pets is an essential step. It is now possible to manufacture cat-proof curtains. To craft curtains with cat-proof features, fabric choice matters a lot. In this guide by Curtains Accessories, we will learn how to protect your curtains from cat damage.


Why Do Curtain Fabric Matters? | Pet-Protection

Cats have an instinct to explore every place to escape boredom. They climb up on your curtains and sink in their claws, resulting in unusual scratches and damage. To overcome this problem, the choice of fabric matters a lot.

Window curtains made from linen, leather, and silk are not resistant to cat damage. This type of fabric has some unseen gaps or lops on which the cats can sink in their claws and cause visible damage to your window treatments.

Some window curtains are made from tightly woven and thicker fabric, resistant to scratches, stains, and dust. We will discuss those fabric options in this article.

Best Material Types For Cat Proof Curtains

Below are some excellent material types to make your curtains resistant to cats.

1. Microfiber Curtain Fabric

  • The microfiber curtains are an excellent method to keep your window hangings free from scratches, stains, and adhered pet hair.
  • The fabric’s speciality is that it is tightly looped and has a tightly woven structure, which makes it non-breathable.
  • Due to their smooth surface, cat claws slip on it.
  • Additionally, they are long-lasting, thick, and require less maintenance. The cat hair will be less likely to adhere to their surface.
  • The possibility of dust and dirt is less. They are also a good source of insulation.
  • You will not have to compromise style and appearance because they give your space a rich and luxurious look.

2. Canvas Fabrics

  • Another material to manufacture cat-proof curtains is canvas with tightly packed threads to offer multiple benefits.
  • The Canvas Fabric has no gaps preventing the cats from climbing up. It is a solid and durable fabric.
  • Canvas are crafted firmly to offer scratch resistance so they can stay longer.
  • These fabrics need low maintenance, so you can easily wipe out stains without fear of color fading.
  • Because of their ability to resist daily wear and tear, they are considered the most long-lasting window treatments.

3. Sunbrella

  • The umbrella is a material mainly used for cat-proof curtains. The sun-dyed acrylic is used to make this type of window hangings.
  • This fabric is resistant to any harm caused by your feline friend, whether a scratch, stain, adhered hair, or fadness.
  • The Sunbrella is a choice for most homeowners because of its high durability, tightly looped structure, and easy maintenance.
  • Besides these aspects, you can enjoy these curtains for a longer lifespan without fearing damage caused by your pets.
  • Sunbrella fabric also provides insulation so you can relax without being concerned about seasonal changes.

4. Synthetic Fabric

  • Some synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester are also available in the market, and you can choose them for cat-proof curtains.
  • This type of fabric is resistant to the damage caused by your furry fellow as long as its structure is tightly woven.
  • They provide the best resistance to your pets’ climb-up due to their elasticity, which makes them long-lasting.
  • Besides these benefits, you can enjoy the financial aspects because it is a low-budget option.

Tips To Prevent Cat Damage

Here are some tips to stop your furry fellow from causing any damage to your valuable window hangings.

Use Nail Caps

A practical method for cat-proof curtains is to use nail caps that protect them from scratches and stains. These nail caps will cover the claws of your pets and ensure the visual appearance, longevity, and durability of your curtains.

Trim Pet Claws

Another way to protect the window hanging from your feline friend is to trim their claws. It will not only prevent the curtains from any damage but will also ensure the long and healthy life of your pet.

Invest In Pets Toys

Pets are little creatures who get bored quickly and start scrolling every corner of a space. Investing in pet toys is a good idea to keep them busy so they won’t reach your window coverings. But keep in mind to keep those toys away from curtains.

Buy A Cat Tower

Cats are intuitive to climb on different things like tables, chairs, walls, or windows. Preventing them from climbing in these places will be a reason for their irritating nature. So, you can make cat-proof curtains and make them happy by purchasing a cat tree tower. It will allow them to climb on and keep you and your companion happy.

To Sum Up

For cat-proof curtains, always choose a suitable fabric to ensure its functionality and longivity. Here are so many fabric options available in the market for these cat-proof curtains, you can choose microfiber, canvas, sunbrella, and synthetic fabric. These materials are resistant to cat damage and ensure durability and easy maintenance. You should take some preventive measures like trimming or using nail caps for your cat claws and investing in pet toys to protect your window curtains from damage.

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