Who We Are

Welcome to Curtains Accessories. We define all curtains accessories, fixing, and installation designs to residential and commercial places. All our professional workers speak perfect English and easily understand and advise them as best they can on your floor matting requirements. As you know, curtains are essential for any window coverings. We curtain accessories is the leading manufacturer of curtain materials, fabrics, and facilities of all kinds for fastening and installation. It is a certified LLC company with all Middle East UAE qualities. The success of its value-driven services that we performed with skilled professionals is our growing business. We are distinct in Dubai, as we manufacture high-quality products and services material and fabric. We are proud to have certified dealers for world-class window goods and make every effort to be productive day by day.

We have the most extensive collection of accessories for curtains in the UAE (different models to choose from, each with a wide choice of colors). And maybe you’d like to see some trendy measuring windows made? You’ll be spoiled for options with hundreds of accessories choices.

We are one of Dubai’s best-known suppliers of beautifully crafted accessories, alterations, and fixing in the right place.

Look no further than the cutting-edge additional hanging for curtains. Our measure-made curtains facilities range in Dubai indeed delivers a style that will catch your eye.

We sell a wide variety of items and styles including curtains accessories such as curtain rods, hail, pleat, poles, blinds track, aluminum tracks, curtain hooks, tape, hangers, holder rod, and alterations such as curtain, vertical, roman and roller blinds with tie backs and installation and fixing services.  With one of our experts, our excellent in-house service will help you get all the advice you need to make the right choice for your home and windows. We’re measuring, we’re a wet suit, and you just relax.

Our Values

  • Our Mission
    Our mission statement to create a respectable business is centered on its core values and centers. At the same time, we’re focused on value and efficiency, the highest deal prices, and reduced favorable rates. We aim to make curtains accessories a trusted name for Dubai and a successful flooring treatment covering business.
  • Our Vision We are still working steadfastly to maintain professional credibility in the eyes of consumers by delivering items of high-quality products and incompatible, unmatched services. We believe in maintaining a long-standing customer relationship and satisfaction at 100 percent. The key focus we commit ourselves to work is as long-term ambitions for our valued customers. You can then count on us!
  • Our Standard Strategy
    In a budget, our strategy is to give you the best floor choices. We care about our customers’ engagement and wallet, and we aim to provide you with the most cost-friendly options for your incredibly unique needs. That is the fundamental reason why we supply curtains and blinds accessories, products, services, and installation at the lowest prices while retaining the quality value that you most deserve. None of our sales consultants will be on contract, and we won’t be pushy. We just wouldn’t want that done to us, so there’s no chance we’d do anything other than you. This is our ethos, and so far it’s been good. Many thanks for visiting our website, and we look forward to hearing from you!