Why You Need Interlined Curtains In Your Home

Curtains are the most essential part of your house decoration. They make your space elegant and beautiful, provide privacy insulation, and protect your home’s interior from sun rays. Sometimes, we choose curtains made of thin fabric that look lifeless, and with time, their color starts fading due to the constant exposure to sunlight. In that case, you will need interlined curtains that will add life to your thin curtains and protect them from the sunlight. So here is the detailed guide about interlined curtains by Curtains Accessories.

interlined curtains

What Are Interlined Curtains?

Interlined curtains are becoming popular because they provide insulation. The manufacturing of interlined involves the sewing of additional fabric between the lining and the front of the curtains. These linings are not only used to add volume to your lifeless curtains but also provide privacy and a cozy feeling in winter.

Why Are They Necessary?

Interlined curtains are a requirement of every house, restaurant, or office. Below are some points describing why you need interlined curtains in your home.

Provides Insulation

The first and foremost benefit of interlined curtains is that they provide insulation. These interlinings make your home cozy and comfortable by preventing heat loss from windows. The windows are the area from where the cold air enters the house. Thus, these interlining will prevent the entry of cold air, ultimately making your space warm and comfortable. So, for better insulation, you will need interlined curtains.

Protects From Ultraviolet Rays

The interlined curtains have the property to block the entry of sunlight into the home; thus, they will prevent the sun’s exposure and ultimately protect from UV rays, which are harmful to human beings.

No matter which type of material you are using, there will come a time that, due to the constant exposure to sunlight, they will start fading and lose their beauty. These linings are an excellent way to protect your curtains from the sunlight, ultimately increasing the longevity of the drapes.

Prevent Excessive Light

Most of the time, people want a blackout curtains for relaxation and comfort, and some curtains are made from fabric that cannot prevent light from entering the room. These interlinings could be the best option to prevent light entry, thus creating a comfy and relaxed environment. So, if you are not a morning person, you can use blackout-lining to avoid excessive light.

Volumize The Curtains

Sometimes, you notice that your curtains are made from a fabric that is too thin and lightweight to look lifeless. In that case, it is better to use the interlining rather than completely replacing them with a new one, which is a costly option. This interlining makes your curtains look thick and volumize them, due to which the blinds will look elegant and more attractive than before.

Good For Large Ceiling

If you have a large ceiling window, it means more light, air, and cold can penetrate your space, thus making it uncomfortable to sit. These interlining curtains are an excellent choice for a large ceiling window. This will reduce the sunlight exposure and air to enter the home.

Protects Furniture Items

Furniture items are those on which you spend a lot of your money, and protecting them from sunlight should be your priority. The furniture color starts fading due to exposure to sunlight. Therefore, you need the interlined curtains in your home. It will protect your furniture and thus add value to your home.

Source of Noise Reduction

The essential fact about interlined curtains is that they are also considered a source of noise reduction because they can absorb the noise, thus providing a calm and quiet environment. So, it is recommended to choose the interlined curtains for your home due to its vast benefits.

Types Of Interlining

Now that you have understood why interlined curtains are necessary, there are different types of interlining that you can choose for the curtains of your home.

Blackout Interlining

If you are not a morning person and prefer a complete blackout in your room, you can choose this type of interlining. The blackout linings are made from a material that can prevent light entry. A light-blocking layer is applied to this fabric. Sometimes, a sagging occurs between the interlinings of the curtains; these blackout linings are made from polyester and prevent this sagging. These are best suited curtains for the bedroom because they avoid the maximum light entry.

Dommette Interlining

The Dommette interlinings are made from cotton fabric. These linings are medium weight, thus volumizing the curtains and having an insulating property. They prevent the entry of sunlight into the home, thus protecting the curtains from fading.

Bump Interlining

The bump interlined curtains are made from synthetic fiber and cotton; they give your curtains an attractive look by volumizing them because they are thicker than domestic interlining. These linings also have the property to provide insulation, but it is recommended to use them pre-shrunk due to the presence of cotton.

Sarille Interlining

Unlike bump interlining, the sarille interlining does not shrink in moisture so it can be best used in the kitchen and bathroom. They are made from synthetic fabric and have a medium weight. They also give beauty to the curtains by volumizing them.


Interlining is the most essential part of giving your curtains a beautiful and elegant look, and most people need to be made aware of it. These linings are not only used to enhance beauty. Still, they are considered an economical choice that provides insulation and protects your furniture and curtains from sunlight that can damage your interior and prevent light entry into your room.

There are different types of linings that you can choose according to your own will, like sarille, blackout, bump, and dommette interlining, which are made from various fabrics and have their own weight from light to heavy.

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