What Are The Ideal Tools To Cut Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Vinyl plank flooring being the innovative and stylish alternative to hardwood flooring is gaining wide popularity. This flooring is highly versatile, affordable, stable, and durable, serving as the most valuable and functional addition to your residential and commercial properties. The planks of this flooring treatment come in a variety of sizes. To fit the room parameters, these planks need to be trimmed most of the time.

To align with the room dimension, the skillful cutting of planks is required and can be conducted using right and advanced tools. To make fine cuts in vinyl planks, there are a lot of staggering tools available in the market. This piece of writing is meant to discuss all the tools that will help you make the cuts in planks like a pro.


List Of The Tools Required To Trim Vinyl Planks

When it comes to precise vinyl plank cutting, you will need to gather different types of tools. To select the best one, you can go through the types of tools mentioned by Curtains Accessories.

  1. Utility Knife
  2. Jigsaw
  3. Miter Saw
  4. Tile Cutter
  5. Dremel
  6. Table & Circular Saw

1. Utility Knife

utility knife

As a matter of fact, there are different types of knives that can be used to cut plank floorings. A utility knife is an all-purpose cutting tool that is used in the general work process. When you need to cut the planks, you can use a sharp utility knife.

To not ruin the texture and beauty of your floors, start by making minor cuts. You can also use the straight-edge ruler to make the cuts not go sideways. This knife or blade is the most basic and affordable tool that can be used to cut vinyl planks.

2. Jigsaw

Jigsaw 2

One of the essential cutting tools for planks that is widely used by experts is jigsaw. This tool allows you to cut any kind of plank in any desired shape and style. With the help of a jigsaw, you can easily cut the odd corners and uneven side edges.

For an ideal cut, you’ll need to use the right blade with sharp teeth while working with a firm hand. Jigsaw helps you get the finely finished floor treatment to fit the adjacent planks. This adequate-sized tool makes the perfect cross and rip-cuts in planks of a variety of thicknesses.

3. Miter Saw

miter saw

Another accessible tool to make cuts in the vinyl planks is to make use of the miter saw. This tool is not ideal or preferable for all sorts of floor cuts. You can make the perfect cross-cuts using a miter saw. However, for longitudinal and rip cuts, this tool is not recommendable.

For cutting your vinyl floor planks, use a miter saw with a high tooth per inch count, so you can get the finest cuts in your flooring. When using this miter saw, the blade moves toward planks rather than material being pushed toward the spinning blade.

4. Tile Cutter

Tile ccutter

Another considerable tool for cutting planks is the tile cutter which is easily available at any nearby store. The cutters that are used to cut the ceramic tiles are not ideal for this purpose as they may score, crack, or damage the floors.

For cutting planks, you can go for laminate and vinyl tile cutters that come with very sharp blades. This tool finely trims the flooring planks in the required size to fit the room dimensions ideally. If it doesn’t get through the tile or plank backing, you can use a utility knife for smooth finishing.

5. Dremel


The innovative, small, and handy tool that ideally makes cuts in the vinyl planks is Dremel. This tool helps make precise cuts without making any chips on the corners and edges. Also, you can cut the odd edges and fix the obstacles on the floors using this advanced tool.

This tool efficiently crafts cross and rip cuts, providing you with an ideal way to create straight-edge cuts. It is easily accessible in the market and is affordable to shop for cutting work of vinyl floor-planks.

6. Table And Circular Saw

table and circular saw tool cut vinyl plank flooring

A table saw is the best tool that contains circular saw blades that are mounted on an arbor. This tool is effectively driven by an electric motor and is ideal for making rip and cross cuts along the entire plank’s length. You can use a table saw to trim the plank’s length and width to make them short.

Another effective tool that is often found in home garages is a circular saw that can be utilized to make accurate cuts in planks. If you want to make longitudinal rip cuts faster than a jigsaw, a circular saw is the best choice to settle for. This portable and efficient power tool is much more affordable than a miter and table saw with blades.

Final Words!

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