5 Ways To Block Light From The Top & Sides Of Curtains

To make your living area, comfortable, secure, and elegant, trendy and highly functional window curtains have been used. These curtains not only enhance the elegance and charm of the room but also unlock endless daily life benefits. In this article, Curtain Accessories has highlighted the 5 simple and effective ways to block sunlight from curtains’ top and sides. Furthermore, we have also described the potential factors that can lead to light leakage from curtains.

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Best 5 Ways To Stop Light From Curtain Sides And Top | A DIY Guide

If sunlight leaks from the curtain’s sides or top, you can’t enjoy multiple window covering benefits. In the early morning, sunlight tries to enter the room through any inviting space. If you sleep during the daytime then ultimately your sleep cycle will be disturbed due to irritating light leakage. Without getting proper sleep, you can’t concentrate on your daily work. Moreover, your energy level goes down day by day and you feel tired every time so taking a serious note regarding this light-leakage issue from the sides and top of the window curtain.

Factors Causing The Leakage Of Light

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We have explained multiple factors that can cause the leakage of light from the top and sides of window curtains. Before the installation of curtains, every homeowner must consider all these factors to avoid this inconvenience.

Unprofessional Curtains Installation: If curtains are installed in an unprofessional way such as short-width panels and long brackets, it will surely invites the outside light. To prevent light leakage, you should know how to keep curtains close to wall.

Improper Curtain Panel Fitting: If curtain panels are fixed improperly, it can also lead to light escaping. You should have complete accessories and tools for a DIY installation project to fit these panels properly or take professional’s help.

Incorrect Measurements Of Curtains: Before curtains installation, you should have perfect measurements of window dimensions. Otherwise, curtains with short lengths or widths may allow the light to enter the room smoothly.

How To Keep Light From Side Of Curtains?

To specifically block the light from the curtain’s sides, we have enlisted some easy techniques below. You can create hindrance in coming light by applying the velcro window covering strips or magnetic tapes to the curtain rod. Furthermore, you can also utilize cardboard or foam as a curtain top light blocker.

How To Block Light From The Top Of The Curtains?

1-Pelmet Box Installation

The Pelmet frame (Curtain wooden frame) is basically composed of wood and attached fabrics to cover over top position of hanging curtains. These pelmets seal the area of the curtain rod and panel to stop coming light and provide aesthetic value. We have enlisted multiple steps to elaborate on how to hang a pelmet box. To install the pelmet box, we require multiple tools such as a drill machine, measuring tape, bracket screws, level, pencil, and a high fabric quality pelmet.

  • First of all, measure the length of the pelmet with measuring tape.
  • Mark the signs on the top of the curtain wall with a pencil per specific pelmet length.
  • Install brackets at the marked positions by drilling holes with a drill machine.
  • After fixing the brackets on holes, tighten them with screws or nails.
  • Level the position of these brackets to ensure an aligned curtain styling.
  • Now, you can install the pelmet on the curtain top by fixing it with the brackets.

2- Apply Cornices Or Valances

The valance works like a pelmet but it only covers the top position of the curtain panel or rod instead of the sides. By applying cornices or valances, you can also block the light escaping the top and sides of the window. Multiple types of cornices and valances are utilized in functional window treatments. Soft curves, soft dip, one-step, straight, cascade, arched, shaped flat, Bordeaux, and inverted box are the most popular styles of them.

3- Curtain Rods Wrapping

Rapping the curtain rods is another effective technique to stop the outside light with little effort. Sometimes, curtain panels slip from the exact position and their little movement allows the light to enter the room. To block the 100% light, you can wrap the curtain panels around the rods to restrict their movement. Now, it’s upon you to wrap curtain panels on single or both ends of the curtain rods.

4- By Layering With Blinds

Layering the curtains with blinds or shades is another critical option to enhance the light control with some aesthetic results. To get remarkable results, you should hang the blackout blinds or shades along with the anime curtains. Due to the diverse range of blinds, you should choose a complementary option that can manifest the perfect style, color contrast, and stylish look. This layering of blinds and curtains not only blocks the light but also protects you from harmful UV rays.

5- Apply Foil Sheet On Window Glass

Another effective way to reduce the penetration of light from the top and sides of curtains is the application of foil sheets on window glass panels. Multiple types of foil sheets are available in the market to apply on the glass to make its surface opaque and light-resistant. The one drawback of applying these aluminum sheets is that they block the outside scenery along with light. In addition, these foils are also helpful in achieving desirable privacy if your window glass panels are longer.

Additional Tips For Maximum Light Blockage

If the main targets of your curtains installation are complete light blockage and privacy, then you must follow all these constructive tips.

  • Always opt for thick and dense fabric for curtains, such as Dunelm navy fabric. Because high-quality & tightly woven fabric material or blackout curtains back always ensure complete light blockage.
  • Before starting curtain installation, never forget to take perfect and precise window dimensional values. Only this way, you can hang a perfect-sized curtain to fully cover your window.
  • You can hang the curtains in a floor-length style that starts from a line a little bit over the top edge and ends at the floor surface.
  • If you don’t have proper knowledge and skills regarding curtain installation, you should hire a professional for this project.

Wrapping Up!

It is concluded with remarks that blocking the light from the curtain top and sides is not a tremendous DIY project. Curtain Accessories has discussed all possible valuable techniques to make it easy for you to block light completely coming from curtain gaps. By following any DIY method, you will succeed in achieving your goal of blocking 100% light.

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