How To Clean Greasy Wooden Blinds

Getting greasy or sticky is one of the worst damages that can happen to window blinds, particularly wooden ones. This issue mostly occurs to wooden shades in the kitchen, because they get subjected to plenty of grime, food splatters, and cooking residue, most of which is oily or greasy. If not addressed properly, such buildup can worsen over time.

Now before you let the sight of your greasy wooden blinds ruin your day, Curtains Accessories would like to tell you that this situation can totally be fixed. We have got an all-inclusive guide to help you deal with those nasty-looking shades with maximum effectiveness. Also, we’ll be giving you valuable advice about taking good care of them.


Addressing Greasy Wooden Window Blinds | An Easy & Effective Approach

The foremost advice is to act promptly whenever you come across wood-made blinds with grease buildup. Delaying the cleanup will only make the situation take a turn for the worse.

Here’s What You Will Need

  • Dish Soap/Washing Up Liquid (make sure to get a mild one)
  • Warm Water
  • Bowl/Spray Bottle
  • Microfiber Fabric
  • Toothbrush/Some Other Soft-bristled Brush (for heavily greased shades)
  • Baking Soda (for extreme cases)

Steps You Need To Take

  • Dusting Blinds Off

Start by thoroughly dusting the blinds Dubai with a soft cloth to take out all loosened dirt and dust. You can also vacuum them using the soft brush attachment for this purpose.

  • Making Cleaning Solution

Take a bowl or spray bottle and fill in a cup of warm (not hot) water along with a tablespoon of dish soap or washing-up liquid. Mix/shake it well to make a solution.

  • Saturating The Blinds

Depending on what you find easier, you can either mist the slats of your blinds with the cleaning solution or apply it on each slat by dipping the microfiber fabric in it.

  • Wiping The Blinds 

Carefully wipe each slat with the microfiber cloth and make sure to wring it well before you begin the wiping. In case of spraying, you can clean the slats alongside the spritzing.

  • Clearing Out Stains

Make sure to address (scrub) all heavily greased parts of the blinds from both sides and

you can also use a toothbrush or some other soft-bristled brush.

  • Rinsing And Drying

Once done with the scrubbing, finish off by rinsing the blinds with another slightly damp piece of cloth. Turn on the ceiling fan/ open windows to allow air circulation for drying.

Dealing With Excessively Greased Blinds 

While you should be able to clear out your blinds of all the grease with the above-mentioned method, at times the cleanup isn’t really a piece of cake. That’s when the wooden blinds have a thick and stubborn layer (or at worst, layers!) of grease.

There’s no need to fret, we’ve mentioned a cleaning process for such window shades as well. The additional supply you will need for this procedure is Baking Soda.

Note: Before going for this method, kindly check the care tagline of your window blinds and examine properly if they are covered with a protective layer or not. With no protective coating, wooden blinds can never be soaked in water/ liquid.

  1. For this sort of cleanup, you’ll need to remove your blinds from the window. Always follow the manufacturer’s manual to take off all the hardware and/or accessories.
  2. Fill a bathtub/ any container with warm water and add enough dish soap/washing-up liquid along with a cup of Baking soda. Give it a good mix.
  3. Carefully place your blinds in the bathtub and let them soak for about an hour. After this time, you can perform detailed scrubbing with either a soft cloth or a brush.
  4. Thoroughly rinse the blinds with clean, running water and have them free of all the soapy residue. Place or hang them in an airy but covered space to dry and install afterward.

Keeping Wooden Blinds Safe, Clean, & Beautiful | Helpful Tips And Tricks 

Up ahead, we have gathered advice about dealing with wooden window blinds and the right way to retain their looks as well as functionality. These hacks are to be followed during cleanups and in general.

  • Being Cautious: The water you use for cleaning or dipping wooden shades should be warm enough to melt and break down the grease but not so hot as to cause damage.
  • Testing First: Always test the cleaning solution on an invisible or inner part of the blinds to make sure there are no adverse effects. Wait a few minutes to see the results.
  • Careful Cleaning: Even if your blinds are heavily greased, never scrub them too forcibly. Keep your movements gentle yet thorough and avoid abrasive brushes/clothes.
  • Enough Wringing: Since you’re dealing with wooden blinds, avoid their excessive or prolonged contact with water. Squeeze the fabric or brush fully before wiping the blinds.
  • Alternative Agent: Vinegar can also be used to clean greasy wooden shades along with warm water, as the acetic acid in it will effectively break down grime, grease, and dust.
  • Drying Accurately: Avoid laying out your wooden blinds under intense sunlight for drying. Choose a well-ventilated space or you can use fans or dehumidifiers.
  • Regular Upkeep: Clean your blinds on a regular basis and immediately after any spills or splashes. Quick action will make it easy to deal with the stain, mark, or accumulation.
  • Smart Placement: Never install these blinds on top of the sink or next to the stove as those places are highly prone to spills/splashes. Also, avoid direct sunlight exposure.

In The End

Greasy wooden blinds are a true bummer to look at and be around, but if you act the right way and most importantly on time, you can restore their appearance quite effectively. While grease stains or accumulation is almost unavoidable, it sure is very easy to get rid of and we’ve got you a detailed line of action in this regard. With a few household supplies and careful conduct, you can upkeep your wooden window shades with perfection and there won’t be any need for spending on costly products or getting professional help.

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